Why Join:

  • Access to every Pay-Per-View in the Members Area
  • All fights sanctioned by the UGF and its governing body
  • Each Pay-Per-View is a photo set of hot chicks engaged in vicious fighting with strict adherence to the UGF Rules of Combat. See Rules below.
  • Updated Frequently

The Rules:

  • The first rule of UndergroundGirlFights.com? Talk about UndergroundGirlFights.com! Talk about it. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your classmates. Tell your co-workers. Tell everyone you know about UndergroundGirlFights.com. Discuss it on your Blogs, post about it on Facebook, add a link from your website. This isn’t Brad Pitt’s or Ed Norton’s Fight Club!
  • The second rule of UndergroundGirlFights? TALK ABOUT UNDERGROUNDGIRLFIGHTS.COM!
  • 3rd RULE: Dirty fighting tactics such as Low Blows, Hair Pulling, Scratching, and Boob Grabbing are allowed…and highly encouraged!
  • 4th RULE: If someone submits or taps out, or goes limp, the fight is over.
  • 5th RULE: Only two girls per fight…unless another chick decides to join in.
  • 6th RULE: One fight at a time….unless there happens to be simultaneous, multiple fights.
  • 7th RULE: No shirts, no shoes…with a few exceptions.
  • 8th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
  • 9th RULE: If you know chicks who would want to fight in UndergroundGirlFights.com, you HAVE to convince them to FIGHT!